Share Draft (Checking) Accounts

Rates effective as of 09/19/2017

Imagine a share draft (checking) account with no minimum balance requirement and no per check or monthly maintenance charges. At Penobscot County Federal Credit Union, our free share draft account really is free, and you have 24 hour access to your account via Audio Response, My P.A.L., and Mobile Banking. In addition, you can apply for a Visa Debit Card which allows you to make purchases from merchants and withdrawal funds from ATM's that display the Visa logo. We can even order your drafts (checks) electronically at any branch, or you can order checks online anytime.

Smart, Simple...and Free!

Minimum Balance
Dividend Rate
$0.00 0.00% 0.00%

*Annual percentage yield. Rates are subject to change. Early withdrawal fees may apply.

free4ME Checking

18-25 Years Old?

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The free4ME Checking Account is the ultimate account...